I Married a Rancher Ya’ll

In Alaska the moose will munch on the pumpkins decorating your front porch in the fall and bears will scavenge through your trash if left unsecured. However in Oklahoma it’s coons that pick off egg laying hens one by one. Roy and his dad spent hours trying to button up the chicken house but now we’re left to pick up store bought eggs. We set out live traps and caught two of the masked intruders hoping they acted alone and that there’s not a local infestation. Today we bartered for another six hens from friends who breed layers in exchange for one of Finn and Gizmos pups. Starting over with a fresh flock. 

In garden news our peaches are ripening sweetly on the tree and we are over run with yellow squash and zucchini. Trying to find 100 creative ways to eat them. Let me know if you have a favorite recipe! So far Roy has pickled the squash like my grandma did when I was a kid. I could make myself sick eating them by the jarful. And tomorrow I’m going to make pasta free raviolis with the zucchini. Fingers crossed! 

The front gate, by the way, was hand painted by Roys four youngest kiddos (with direction from grandparents). Didn’t they do a lovely job? It’s so classic. 



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